Afternoon coffee

I suppose I should’ve chosen tea. Have you heard the song ” I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys? I love that song. It’s now one of my favorites. This is the theme song playing in my head whenever I chat with my partner.

At this very moment as I type to you I am typing to my partner. It’s a very sexual discussion. But as I sip my coffee and look at the soft clouds above me, I just think of life. Can I discuss life with you? I know maybe no more than one person might read this. A day in the South like this calls for yoga, or bookworm material. A basket of fresh food and a blanket. It’s beautiful outside today. I think I’ll take a walk.

In my tree,


Photo: E. J. Bellocq


Eta: My apology for the typos.


2 thoughts on “Afternoon coffee

  1. OMG the typos in my entry! Lol I hate when I make typos. My apology. And yes I love Arctic Monkeys. Amazing band. I don’t think there’s one song of theirs that I don’t enjoy.

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