Hello…if you’re out there.


Well I guess this is where I would introduce myself to you. My name, what I do for hobbies, my career path. But considering no one or maybe only a few will read this…I will tell you that my name here is Owl Of The South…or some say Mystic Of Light. You can call me Owl for short.

On this very early morning I want to start off with the conversation of love. Being a part of a WE. Or I guess I should say being a part of a something that no one knows. I guess I am a secret. Not a mistress…just a secret.

I’m barely into this blog and I’m already dreading the little things…

I suppose I shouldn’t worry considering no one will see this. It’s merely a journal entry online. There are about 7 billion people on this globe. I’m sure that not every relationship of the romantic variety are all the same… so why do I fear my lover and the fact that we are not shown together in photos…nothing of us together is shared with friends and family. Am I shameful? I’m not quite sure. But one thing I am sure about is that this one tiny entry will need a few more behind it.


In my tree,



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