Halo Top at the lake

Chocolate Halo Top ice cream is my favorite, well one of my favorite desserts. I have one bad ass sweet tooth. Sitting by the lake here in a southern town while indulging in the sugary sin is divine. All of a sudden as I swallowed the spoon full of Halo Top, the breeze felt smooth and the air became refreshed. Yes….happiness, simplicity, peacefulness, and connectedness to the world.

Do you love the way water crashes on a rocky shore? The sound of its power. Reminding you that if nature wanted to, it could easily wash you away. And I find beauty in that- I find love inside of the water. Seagulls above me sang in circles. Passersby chat about their day in this southern city like town. This sunset sky speaks to me of gratitude, being in the moment, creativity, fertility, and life. Inspiration. Motivation. To continue to breathe. 

I feel blessed even during my worse day. But today… I feel happy. 100% happy. That to me is success. 

What are some of your favorite hobbies? What inspires and motivate you? Are there tiny things missed that help you along your journey in life?
In my tree,


Photo: Tripadvisor.com of Lake Pontchartrain


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