Cobblestone Street

Tell me why

Why did I turn down this street?
Cobble stone pavement feeling like the cold ending that I’ll meet
Something similar to fire grasp around me
Could’ve been pulled by the fire laying inside me
I chose heartbreak
Heartbreak didn’t choose me

Now that the wind blows through my hair I can see
I taste the spice in the leaves
Not sure what to look for
So I’m not sure of what I see

Left begging my heart, don’t want to be strange fruit growing on a tree

What can I expect

Not one soul would pluck me

And this grasp
It refuse to subside
Not that I want it to
I find its essence I cry
Now tell me why
Why didn’t I see?
This street I turned on
Right before me
I chose heartbreak
Heartbreak didn’t choose me

Goddess knows where this midnight will take me
Just too plain to see
Like cinnamon in blood
Oh the incense I breathe
May this road be more than it look
And I accept this
Might as well…
My beat it took

If all else falls my authentic spirit was received

When I die if there is one thing that I could say:
It’s an honor to intertwine
One I’ll never forget
What a beautiful spirit
A spirit I wish would speak
I chose heartbreak
I swear heartbreak didn’t choose me

Poem by Keota Picou                                   Follow on instagram: @keotadpicou

Photo: Keota Picou


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