This Love. This Romance.

Rainy days are the best in my mind. There’s an abundance of peace and power that it brings. The ultimate balance. It reminds me of love and romance. 

This love, this romance is anything but normal. But I often wonder, Is love normal? 

Love, at times, hurts to the bone. Often from missing someone while they’re gone. Romance tickles the skin. Well, to me that’s how it feels. 

Rain also reminds me of the power of being single and free. Waking up with myself. Cupping my breasts then raking my fingers through my hair. I stretch within my satin sheets feeling every ounce of fulfillment. Feeling grateful for a peaceful rest. Waking up to Rain reminds me how amazing it feels to love myself.

A soothing storm. It’s home to me.

In My Tree,



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