Let’s Chat Over Drinks

You know, to spill our guts. Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to talk. Let me tell you all of a very recent night by the river in the south with a lemon martini.

FYI: I’m open to responses. I’d like a conversation to grow at some point.

Do you ever stop midway while doing something and have a moment of epiphany? This is what happened the night at the Mississippi River. There I sat with my sister and her friend. Discussing taboo subjects. And it occurred to me how many people have exit from my life.

I’m not offended. I was, however, worried. Will I be left with no one to talk to? I’m on this journey learning how to connect with people. That’s one of the reasons I’m here typing to everyone who reads this. Ok, so I’ve found myself and I’m coming into my own. My question is: Is this normal?

In My Tree,



2 thoughts on “Let’s Chat Over Drinks

  1. It is completely normal for people to leave our lives. I believe everyone that we come in contact with serves a purpose, while it may be temporary, their effects are long lasting. It’s important to evolve from the best and worst relationships, we learn from our mistakes this way. But if you believe in nostilgia, even the worst relationships can have a peaceful place in your memory.

    • You’re correct. I usually have to catch myself. I have triggers. I was abandoned really young. And sometimes I feel an intense sense of fear of people leaving me. Even if they’re in my life to serve a hard lesson. But as an adult I find it easier to let go. Every now and then it’s difficult but for the most part. I accept the time I have with anyone in peace. Thank you for your response. 😊

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