After the Hunt

As the sun smiled from the left, I wondered how could a Phoenix drink from a well untouched. This is not a common ground. It’s hardly understood. But I was born of this. 

Surrounded by Flames,

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Burning The Pine Cone

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Determined to cleanse after that old song played. She couldn’t seem to get that face out of her head. Instead of a tearful call, she took a lighter to her pine cone. The smoke traveled around her neck. She took a breath inward, inhaling the peace it had given her. She then exhaled the thoughts of suicide over someone who already sacrificed her.

Maiden and Mother

I am opening my window. “Fine”, I thought to myself. Mama Wolf, Mama Healer. A Mother with Maiden tendencies, who has partially experienced the reality of The Crone.  

I feel like you all understand (overstand) me in a way that others do not. My blog entries are thoughts circling and intertwining. Processing this all. Life. Aren’t we all? 

Thoughts: You can’t punish someone for something that they didn’t do. You can’t punish someone for something that they had every right to do.

In My Tree,