Can’t Get Enough

Don’t pull her crown down

She built each piece from the ground


Fancy glares

Hidden stares

Her sweetest tears

They toss it back

Stomaching just enough

Keota Picou



It hails as

My spirit goes so pale

From the grace in life

She fell

Her pain, her rage, impaled

The One my eyes sought

You wouldn’t believe how real

Unstable delusions

So much left unsaid

No love, no heart, no care

Permanent damage is done

Oh No The One has fell

Hearts break as she crushes them dead

Why enforce such fear

Got to march on

The damage is done

Life is so frail

Our minds

Your molds

Our fears

Left to piece together the crumbs

Lose memories, we won’t.

Because our angel

She has failed

Poem by Keota Picou

Who is the teacher?

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​I came to dance. To channel. To spread love. To heal. To learn. To teach. Every teacher is a student. In life you are always learning. Especially about yourself. Every student is a teacher. Some people bury their lessons deep in their minds. When they’re ready, they acknowledge it. There is always something to learn. There is always a reason to show love. #peacock #peafowl #love #learning #light #dance #teaching 



Know Your Worth

If you knew the probability of your existence, you’d understand just how important you are. I’m speaking outside of ego here. I’m expressing the severity of life here on Earth. Know that you weren’t made. You were created. Remember that your life can end here by tonight or tomorrow. We never really know. So be sure to not walk your path crushing hearts, destroying the spirit of children, or promoting hate. I’m happy to see that aside from the toxic energy flow, there are people cleansing & healing each other. I love you,
🌎. #1in400trillion #love #resilient #cleanse #heal #breathe