Moon phases

Strong vibes resonating

Between the brick and trees

Melodies married as one

The Den connected friends

Spirits on a whim

5 6 7 8 and then

A pact was born

Smiles laughter and passion

Beyond labels and judgements


Phoenix in the South (Keota)


Laying Hands

She’s raising her hand

She says, “Let’s say amen.”


Reddening skin

She prays to her maker

No one inside the black room

But she


And this disaster

So let us say amen


To gut punches and the broken arm

To the burn marks

And this praise from a mom

Say amen!

To the laughter of blood

To the Come here b*tch!

To the facade of love

Say amen

To the begging through busted teeth

For my head crashing into a wall

Say amen to the kick after my fall

Just say amen


© Keota D. Picou

Scattered Showers


I don’t hate you

I just feel


Eye to eye

You’re THE soul

That I couldn’t save

I recall that day

Southern summer

Beautiful grass

Strange that I was alone

I felt stranded

A baby, three months young.

I wondered where you were then

There was this one night

I was held over your left shoulder

Fall rainy night

That was the first memory of rain

You placed me on a bare stained white mattress

I wish it were me

Still there with


Those brown wood panel walls

False as your nurturing instincts


Deep down I knew

Tried and begged

Blood and broken bones

Broken promises

Broken hearts

Your broken mind

Verboten wants

I regret that I couldn’t save


The children would’ve been caught.

Like caution to the wind

Lives were thrown

Now here I AM.

One day my brothers will come home.

And I’M not trying to win.


© Keota D. Picou


It hails as

My spirit goes so pale

From the grace in life

She fell

Her pain, her rage, impaled

The One my eyes sought

You wouldn’t believe how real

Unstable delusions

So much left unsaid

No love, no heart, no care

Permanent damage is done

Oh No The One has fell

Hearts break as she crushes them dead

Why enforce such fear

Got to march on

The damage is done

Life is so frail

Our minds

Your molds

Our fears

Left to piece together the crumbs

Lose memories, we won’t.

Because our angel

She has failed

Poem by Keota Picou

At This Point, With This View.


I am grateful for what I have and what I’ve learned. Most days I’m happy now. Lately, I’ve been letting Nature take its course. I cannot and should not force anyone to stay in my life. I also should not fear losing anyone, especially if I’m gaining pieces of myself in return. This puzzle of mine, I put together with intense focus. Recently, I’ve noticed that a few people in my life will be exiting at this stage. It is a sacrifice I thought long and hard over. I am prepared and ready to make it.

I am at a place of peace and passion. I know that I have options. I do not have to follow anyone. I don’t need to bend to another person’s will. I have choices. 


Anyone out there who feels as though they’re going through the motions, or maybe you feel that you are always doing what you are told and it depresses you, I want to help you to remove that conditioning. Lift your veil. You are enough. Maybe you’re in a dead end relationship or a dead end job. I’ve been through both countless of times. Maybe you feel controlled and enslaved by religion, maybe you’re looking to join a religion. Either way you have choices. There are options. Sit and think deeply. Write, make several plans to find a way out. But the first step is KNOWING that you can get out. Experience, experiment, and explore. That’s a motto I created for myself to remind myself of life’s capabilities and how I should approach it. And I’m sharing it with you. I love you 🌏🌍🌎.

In My Tree,



You are soldiers

But you are not fighting with 


You guard the land

But you choose not to protect 


You are truth tellers

But you rather make a lie of 


You are my brothers

But you are not my family
We are blood

We should be bond

We are love

We should be fond

We are strong

We can hold weight

We can choose

But why choose hate?
Poem: Keota Picou