True Metal, Real Gold.

​Moon phases

Strong vibes resonating

Between the bricks and trees

Melodies married as one

The Den connected friends

Spirits on a whim

5 6 7 8 and then

A pact was born

Smiles laughter and passion

Beyond labels and judgement


Owl of the South


Where Is…

Claws to the scalp

I need your hold

Life’s elixir

I give it back

I want your bones

Where is my Wolf? 

The love we mate

It’s been far too long


Shouldn’t I devour you?


Pour your brew

Your skin is in my head

Tears down my face

I swear I’d claw you

Around trees I wait



And everything aches 


Let us feed

Once more

The love we mate

Poem by Seraphine

photography by E. J. Bellocq

Open Facades (I)

Everything is so beautiful now. I had a taste of myself. I embraced potential. I owned up to strength. Everything is so beautiful now. My trials were heaven sent. Death stood at my door- warned me thrice. Slicing away verboten habits. Self harm with a few cups of disrespect- down it burned black to ash. I will not reject myself. I will not reject myself. I will not reject myself. The she in me ripped my ribs apart. It had to happen. I kept fighting. I lost. I lost it all for me.
Call Me Phoenix


The Daily Post – Dancing

May I please have a beat? Just a few of your honesty. And may I please rest my feet on our rocky start laid in front of me. Did you get my message? I left it there in a back bend of emotions. A literal back bend I gave you. One you held without devotion. Back then I wondered how could we make it to the stage. How could I dance with you while unlaced? Where will we go to find our justice? And what if I take a bow to your untruths. What if I dance with some one else? And what if we dance as I dance with you?

I enjoy the cologne of an alpha’s unrest. I enjoy the pounding of hearts out of dress. Here I am, toes on a cold floor as I come down on bended knees. I am happy that I danced with you. I am happy that I was imperfectly me. 


I’m an INFJ and…

I’m finding it hard to express my happiness at the moment. In fact, my main reason for starting this blog is to teach myself how to better express myself. Only recently have I been able to somewhat express grief, anger, and depression. I’m not all doom and gloom, you know. But I feel as though I haven’t found the correct words to express my happiness. Well… for one, I shouldn’t look for the politically correct words or otherwise to express my happiness. I should just let the pen flow. Why can’t I just let the pen flow

Let the pen flow to the weirdest dreams

It will reveal those wild beings

Just let it write to the rhythm of the sea

And watch as your hopes become a reality

Keep your pen free to express extremes

Brave minds will gravitate to your everything

Release the cap and let it breathe

The pressure leaks in clear streams

Let go of ink to line it’s pleasure

Bury your chest to expose each measure

Give it your spirit and Your heart with each letter

Let your pen flow to your chaos and serene

From Me to You

Keota P

(P.s. I think Edgar Allan Poe was in my head or something. Whew!) 

Is This Who I Am?

I am here to love and to be loved. I am here to learn as well as teach. I am here to grow. I am here to create. I am here to destroy. 

Yes I have darkness in me. And I have a balance of light. I put it on the table. And I do not shy away from a worthy fight. What goes up, must come down. I want to save the people as I save myself. I want to be loved equally instead of accepting less.