Baritone Waters

His sound waves into Her ears

His root can’t deny it

Her mind wanders to defy it

Their vines intertwine the bones

This moment is real

It is as real as day

As real as the Sun makes rays

As real as the Earth and Moon gravitate

As real as the sky brings rain

He is Her Cain

He opens wounds

Removing the disease of the last one


That last one who

She fell as The Fool

Ancestors watching Her burn into new

On Her bed of fire He blew

From the flames came the truth

To the ocean They go

To the motion They move


©Keota D. Picou

photo source



Have you ever met someone and they were a breath of fresh air?

Just like that. This very special soul is inspiring as the wind. Fluid like water. Grounded and nurturing as the Earth. And passionate as fire. 

You can take me away.

Be my air 

I want to sink into your emotion. 

Please be my ocean

Let me grow with you. Let’s make a tree.

Are we Earth

Rest me in your center. I’ll be the heat.

Who’s your fire

I am so overwhelmed by this energy. How can I express this thoroughly?

Suffocate me in your heat. I want you to breathe. Blow your wind into my lips. 


My Angel Is A Monster

I felt you crawl underneath my skin

Just to find my heart

I know you left your scent

In hopes that my mind is caught

You could be brave

You could be art

But you prefer pain

You prefer the slaughter

Your eyes trace my wind

Just look inside yourself

You could choose anything else

But you’re not there yet

If I should abide to a sadist

I’d have to become what you made me

Where are the puzzles that fit

If I should abide to you sadist

You’ll learn that in the end 

To death we all submit

(In my wine glass we drank my blood. Why were you so haughty?)

Iron brings strength

Everyone knows this surely

Iron brings strength

Everyone knows this surely


photo source

Dew Drops

photo source

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a morning like this…

Dew drops on bare skin

A chilled layer of silver wind

It only took one moment

One quick moment of defiance

The magnolias kept silent

The bay leaves wrapped around us

It’s mesmerizing

It’s honest

He’s never afraid to go within

His monster breathes

The bravest I’d ever seen

We measure our cups

To this we drink


Play Me A December Tune

Fire light compliments the morning dew

I wish I could freeze this time with you

Winners luck third times a charm

Your breath is my wind 

You breathe on my window to disarm

If trees could talk 

They’d praise your view

If trees could walk

They’d wait for you

Where branches broke

For you they grew

While plucking the cord

Play our December Tune

©Keota Picou

Photo Source