Sunrise Over The Sea

Mannequin number five

Thrown into the ocean


Spring tides relax

A Titan

A match?

He swam through the waves

As I held my last breath

Drowning in the sea

We give into the little death

Each bubble gives an answer

Every current beats my breasts

Laying in the water

Holding on to the love I have left

Yes I met my Maker

Forward flow

He swims authentically

We can float to the surface

Just to dive back in

To The Sunrise


Written by Keota Picou

photo source


Journey (I)

I like your soft kisses

Because they hide your sharp bite

I like the stories you tell

Because your truth speaks from your eyes

I love the honesty of yourself

Because only those can survive

You never misinterpret what I show

Your ego is controlled

Un-control me

Why hold me tight to you

So controlled in what you do

What is this voyage

Who are you


Written by Keota D. Picou

photo source

The Sun Rises in the East

The Architect shined the light

Braced for The Morning

Look Alive Look Alive

Knowledge is why I came

Through the mud

Wisdom I’ve gained

The Matter

No human can penetrate

Within this field

I’m held by love

The Law I have learned

The next stage I am shown

After the maze

Comes growth

Through the chaos you’re hardened

Out of the fire you float

With the lightening you’re birthed

The highest experience never told


Penned by Keota D. Picou

Sunrise photo

Love with an Amazon (I)

He came to make love to an Amazon

To quiet the war in Her mind

Letting her flames grow wild

What bravery

My oh my..

A true warrior

Flushing murky waters from her

A bath she shouldn’t have chose

This warrior dared to dance inside of her ring of fire on Earth

Who is Midas to an Amazon

What is love to pain

What is a challenge to peace

When can We do this again

Why take a risk to run with an Amazon


Baritone Waters

His sound waves into Her ears

His root can’t deny it

Her mind wanders to defy it

Their vines intertwine the bones

This moment is real

It is as real as day

As real as the Sun makes rays

As real as the Earth and Moon gravitate

As real as the sky brings rain

He is Her Cain

He opens wounds

Removing the disease of the last one


That last one who

She fell as The Fool

Ancestors watching Her burn into new

On Her bed of fire He blew

From the flames came the truth

To the ocean They go

To the motion They move


┬ęKeota D. Picou

photo source