Mother Matar

Thank you for giving us a place to rest

For giving us a place of peace

For giving us a place to evolve

For giving life what it needs

Beyond misunderstandings

Far from love

No where near appreciated

Boldly uncared for

Dark Matar feared and mislabeled

Mishandled and shamed

Instead of taking steps forward

We just keep going back again

The energy around us is so mislabeled. It’s misused by most of those who know it. I’m no expert. I just took a risk. A very frightful chance. I’ve known for some time now that there’s more than two types of energy. They’re definition is left in your hands. One day we’ll all wake up. The mental slavery will no longer hold. We won’t cast out the atheists nor anyone else who’s beliefs don’t mold to the masses’ own. Most people are followers.

Unfortunately, they don’t know. Once The Truth is learned, the teachers will let this machine fold. Your truth is your truth and their truth is theirs. To control free will that doesn’t harm another is inhumane. Cognitive dissonance and covert narcissism is at an over growth. It’s reminds me of the plague. Just as a virus would…it attacks the cells.

One day I hope humans will learn to be humans. Im talking about the other side. Everything has it’s purpose with pros and cons. No one really cares. If we’re honest, no one really cares. It’s always about what makes you happy, comfortable, and fulfilled. And people do this at any costs. Trading one life for the other. The problem is that by doing this we disservice each other. And we disrupt our mother. What are we leaving to our descendants? A few fight hard with honor. Most are just looking for an escape route for the defined noble. I’m worried about our children’s children’s children.

Hell no, I’m not perfect. I have my selfish moments. Many of them. I often wonder why do I think of these things. Causing myself to panic for nothing. Is it nothing? I just want to get this out. Only a small few will see this. And that’s okay. I wonder if anyone else wake up in the morning with this in their head.



Eastern Sky

Loving vibes and Eastern skies

Many thanks to the Universe

Humans spy through the windows of

Mother Earth

Home of death and rebirth

Home of morning dew

A place where the birds sing

Where the southern heat beats

And the Atlantic Ocean cleans

Skin held by the tree leaves


I’d go further but…

There is beauty in it. Knowledge gained from words on paper. And from the steps in life. Experiences. Pain and pleasure are just the extremes of one another. Growth, sometimes, can be scary. And some are afraid to acknowledge this fear. Just fall high. Healing and growth, What an intense transition. But it is necessary.

Our closest and most magnanimous Star, The Sun. What an answer to receive. What blessings one brings. Oh how my soul sings. I Am grateful.

I love you World.


Sunlight from the East

This Sunset is the best

And the surrounding is a

Peripheral state

Not rose colored nor blue

Transparent intentions

Unseen ways

It’s a matter of Life

But all that matters is who’s wrong

The Morning Light taught

That all those things

Were nothing at all

It is a strength of imagination

The openness of true humanity

I drank from a bowl in the river

As the light shined upon me

Human nature can’t take you

It just is

We are us

Check a list of imperfections

Make sure to write a dream on it

The sunset is the best over an ocean

The sunrise maybe best over a hill


Written by Keota D Picou

Who is the teacher?

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​I came to dance. To channel. To spread love. To heal. To learn. To teach. Every teacher is a student. In life you are always learning. Especially about yourself. Every student is a teacher. Some people bury their lessons deep in their minds. When they’re ready, they acknowledge it. There is always something to learn. There is always a reason to show love. #peacock #peafowl #love #learning #light #dance #teaching 



Burning The Pine Cone

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Determined to cleanse after that old song played. She couldn’t seem to get that face out of her head. Instead of a tearful call, she took a lighter to her pine cone. The smoke traveled around her neck. She took a breath inward, inhaling the peace it had given her. She then exhaled the thoughts of suicide over someone who already sacrificed her.