Continuing Forward (updated)

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I will continue on my path. Someone that I knew was leaving, has finally exited. I told them it would happen. His actions spoke very loud. I knew it would happen. I still love this person as a human. But I must keep going forward. From the first day, he made sure that his actions kept our situationship unofficial. I told him that he was my lesson. He seemed to take offense to it. I was just speaking from an inner knowing. I was abandoned as a child so I know the traits and signs. His signs were the typical ones you receive. The departure happened some time ago, but I’m finally able to write (type) about it. The way that I began healing this time around was new to me. I’m very happy that I’m able to heal. I feel that a void has been filled by him leaving I realized that I lost myself. Now I have “her” back. I’m relieved that I survived my bad habit. I finally feel that I kicked my gullible trait to the curb for good. I held on to that gullible feeling. And thought I slid down the slope, I caught a branch. Whew! It did hurt at first, immensely. If you’re wondering, I continued with the situationship to see if I was correct about the situation and the person I was dealing with. I also wanted to know if I was correct about myself. 

I was.

In My Tree,


At This Point, With This View.


I am grateful for what I have and what I’ve learned. Most days I’m happy now. Lately, I’ve been letting Nature take its course. I cannot and should not force anyone to stay in my life. I also should not fear losing anyone, especially if I’m gaining pieces of myself in return. This puzzle of mine, I put together with intense focus. Recently, I’ve noticed that a few people in my life will be exiting at this stage. It is a sacrifice I thought long and hard over. I am prepared and ready to make it.

I am at a place of peace and passion. I know that I have options. I do not have to follow anyone. I don’t need to bend to another person’s will. I have choices. 


Anyone out there who feels as thought they’re going through the motions, or maybe you feel that you are always doing what you are told and it depresses you, I want to help you to remove that conditioning. Lift your veil. You are enough. Maybe you’re in a dead end relationship or a dead end job. I’ve been through both countless of times. Maybe you feel controlled and enslaved by religion, maybe you’re looking to join a religion. Either way you have choices. There are options. Sit and think deeply. Write, make several plans to find a way out. But the first step is KNOWING that you can get out. Experience, experiment, and explore. That’s a motto I created for myself to remind myself of life’s capabilities and how I should approach it. And I’m sharing it with you. I love you 🌏🌍🌎.

In My Tree,


I Miss You

All of you. That is what I miss. 

                                      A camera.

That is what I am to you.

                                      A pool.

Is what you created. 

                                      An ocean.

That is what resides in my heart.

                                       A current.

Inside of this mind.

                                       I kiss the wheels.   One more time

                                       For the road

In My Tree,


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Let It Drip

Their prudent foot steps meet under a lamppost. But she wonders if the night’s breeze nudged her there. Any other night would have been easy, but neither of them are ready for the walk. He states a greeting to which she replies with diffidence. So he steps closer. With one inch inbetween them, a chill escapes her. He takes the traditional cue to hold her arms, bringing it into a hug. Familiar. 

She considers reaching for his throat to hold tight to. Instead, she caresses his nape. His sweet nothings slips into her ears. And she let’s them. She need it to hold on to, much like the embrace his gives in this moment. 

Let’s just kiss, She says.

And with that, she’s said all of what she needed to.

With instinct, looking into his flame like eyes, she licks his lips a part to kiss. The need to explain exactly how she feels becomes the single most important goal. She wonders how can he overstand her unless her core speaks? He returns it with passion. This kiss is wetter than usual. The taste of copper fills their mouths. She let’s go to watch his blood flow. 

Let it drip, he tells her.

So she watches his picture show. Tempted to fall back in, she glares at the drip flow.

In My Tree,