The Sun Rises in the East

When the Moon is upside down

The Sun shines bright

Each day one by one

Is a gift from the morning light

Ancient rays touch

The deepest of life


Keota D. Picou


They wake up to do it all again.

I think more than I speak

I walk more than I talk

Every intention I can see

Every moment came before your actions

I pull it apart

Enemies disguised as foes

Would you say why they’re so friendly to me

Scents are tracked

Why don’t they accept their truth

As if being kind to me will erase their wile behavior

The 72 hour rule..

This makes sense. It’s logical. This is what I’ve been saying.

Okay, here goes my subliminals. [Giggles]

I already knew…

It’s all happening as I foresaw it…

The way I said it would, they way you denied it.

I think some people are just offended because they haven’t accepted their truth about themselves.

They refuse to have a straight conversation with me as an adult. Finishing sentences are rare.

Speaking when I’m not around is common.

They dish it but can not handle a conversation.

But I don’t want to be around when the mountains come crashing down.

Now that they’ve proven my point (as usual).. I will continue to walk.

It’s called taking action. That was the answer. But you knew that.


Through the windows

The morning light shines in

To the east I face

To my knees I bend

Thankful in praise

Of the love and knowledge gifted

I am saved

I am

To the door I walk

To pass my threshold to the world

On my porch is a letter

The directions to my soul

I consider all my enemies disguised as foes

I think of the chains I break as I let go

Battles, Dust, and roads

I find my way to the land only extended to spirits who honor the essence

I tread softly to the cliff to release the pennies in my pocket

And to fall high as I can

I accept the skin that I am in

I reveal my heart in my hand

Everyone everywhere else has an opinion to project

They come for us

Because they have no gold plated truths left

They come for us

Because we are where the answers are kept

Over and over we go

If you do not like my skin

You do not love yours


©Keota D. Picou

Sunrise photo

There is wind on your porch

What does an open door bring

A scattered thought

Of minor things

The window is open

Take a chance and see

One side is greener

The other side is green

There is a shade for envy

There is a shade for a nurturing being

One person’s box

Is someone else’s yard

Depending on the truth

Decides where you are

Choose One..

Truth or Dare

Trust yourself

I dare you

It’s all fun and games

Until she expands her wings

Until she remembers the value she has

And what that means

Until you have to trust yourself just as she did

Like a shot of whiskey

Like a gulp of rum

Just like the sweet feeling of her warmth within

Take it

Own it

The speed you give

Is the speed you get

There’s weight to the ball you drop

When you run


© Keota D. Picou