Choose One..

Truth or Dare

Trust yourself

I dare you

It’s all fun and games

Until she expands her wings

Until she remembers the value she has

And what that means

Until you have to trust yourself just as she did

Like a shot of whiskey

Like a gulp of rum

Just like the sweet feeling of her warmth within

Take it

Own it

The speed you give

Is the speed you get

There’s weight to the ball you drop

When you run


© Keota D. Picou


The Dancer, The Priestess

What say You to a mermaid in the Sea?

Her love is like Jocelyn’s Backwards Priest

One foot tip toe in front of the other

Let the Dancer meet Her Beast

You know that You can have Me

You know that You can’t have Me

Wise, tread into Her Peace

It is okay

Sleep on Me

Watch Her fly in Your dreams

For every reason She is not

Three reasons She must be

Keota Picou

Dry My Eyes

You left a bit of spit on my face

Rub it off 

Or soak it in
Dry my eyes

With a whisper of sin

Sweet nothings lied

Your true love…

She’s beneath your skin
Reflection and liquid courage

You dare not be brave

Letting go- you won’t let go

Can’t handle yourself

Things you’d never say
Poem by Keota Picou

Photo: source


The loving pet name I told my partner to stop calling me. It was OK at first. Until I read a comment where my partner referred to an unknown beauty as..”babe”. The pet name morphed into some verboten monster. I’m not quite sure why my partner doesn’t understand why this makes me uncomfortable. So I guess this means I’m no one special. Much like hardly anyone will see this entry. My partner most likely never will. Because I’m just another babe.

My apology to you. I need a moment to calm myself. Until then…


In my tree,




Photo: E. J. Bellocq

Afternoon coffee

I suppose I should’ve chosen tea. Have you heard the song ” I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys? I love that song. It’s now one of my favorites. This is the theme song playing in my head whenever I chat with my partner.

At this very moment as I type to you I am typing to my partner. It’s a very sexual discussion. But as I sip my coffee and look at the soft clouds above me, I just think of life. Can I discuss life with you? I know maybe no more than one person might read this. A day in the South like this calls for yoga, or bookworm material. A basket of fresh food and a blanket. It’s beautiful outside today. I think I’ll take a walk.

In my tree,


Photo: E. J. Bellocq


Eta: My apology for the typos.