Laying Hands

She’s raising her hand

She says, “Let’s say amen.”


Reddening skin

She prays to her maker

No one inside the black room

But she


And this disaster

So let us say amen


To gut punches and the broken arm

To the burn marks

And this praise from a mom

Say amen!

To the laughter of blood

To the Come here b*tch!

To the facade of love

Say amen

To the begging through busted teeth

For my head crashing into a wall

Say amen to the kick after my fall

Just say amen


© Keota D. Picou


Broken Glass, Nails, and Blades

There are people young and old who do not have a home within their home. They’re living in glass and walking on eggshells. Some even have bruises inside and out. Don’t judge, just be happy as yourself.

Beside My Tree,