Book Recommendations Please!

Good day, evening, and night to everyone. 
Straight to the point! I love to read. Usually I would read anything. But I’d like to focus on fiction (adult/romance, mystery maybe, young adult, humor). Currently I’m reading Venus In Furs. I’m on my second rotation of this book. I love it. I hope you’re have a positive day. Much love to you all.

In My Tree,


At This Point, With This View.


I am grateful for what I have and what I’ve learned. Most days I’m happy now. Lately, I’ve been letting Nature take its course. I cannot and should not force anyone to stay in my life. I also should not fear losing anyone, especially if I’m gaining pieces of myself in return. This puzzle of mine, I put together with intense focus. Recently, I’ve noticed that a few people in my life will be exiting at this stage. It is a sacrifice I thought long and hard over. I am prepared and ready to make it.

I am at a place of peace and passion. I know that I have options. I do not have to follow anyone. I don’t need to bend to another person’s will. I have choices. 


Anyone out there who feels as thought they’re going through the motions, or maybe you feel that you are always doing what you are told and it depresses you, I want to help you to remove that conditioning. Lift your veil. You are enough. Maybe you’re in a dead end relationship or a dead end job. I’ve been through both countless of times. Maybe you feel controlled and enslaved by religion, maybe you’re looking to join a religion. Either way you have choices. There are options. Sit and think deeply. Write, make several plans to find a way out. But the first step is KNOWING that you can get out. Experience, experiment, and explore. That’s a motto I created for myself to remind myself of life’s capabilities and how I should approach it. And I’m sharing it with you. I love you 🌏🌍🌎.

In My Tree,


I love the Complexities in life

But at times I wish the answers were easy.

Where are my answers that I’ve worked so hard for?

How much further must I walk to the results?

My salvation is not for them.

My salvation is not for the group.

Tearing myself up for the masses to digest.

That is what I do.

I am not a Savior.

I am a being.

A vessel.

And we are the lesson.
In My Tree,


This Love. This Romance.

Rainy days are the best in my mind. There’s an abundance of peace and power that it brings. The ultimate balance. It reminds me of love and romance. 

This love, this romance is anything but normal. But I often wonder, Is love normal? 

Love, at times, hurts to the bone. Often from missing someone while they’re gone. Romance tickles the skin. Well, to me that’s how it feels. 

Rain also reminds me of the power of being single and free. Waking up with myself. Cupping my breasts then raking my fingers through my hair. I stretch within my satin sheets feeling every ounce of fulfillment. Feeling grateful for a peaceful rest. Waking up to Rain reminds me how amazing it feels to love myself.

A soothing storm. It’s home to me.

In My Tree,


Left Bound

Gamed out with My luck found

My karma is won

Didn’t I say this game is done

This game is done

My Power is found

I took the position to run

I tipped the crown

In this corner I’m left bound

Red flags and untruths drown

Keeping float of waves with familiar sounds

I killed the tie

And life moves on
In my tree,


Poetry by Keota Picou