Know Your Worth

If you knew the probability of your existence, you’d understand just how important you are. I’m speaking outside of ego here. I’m expressing the severity of life here on Earth. Know that you weren’t made. You were created. Remember that your life can end here by tonight or tomorrow. We never really know. So be sure to not walk your path crushing hearts, destroying the spirit of children, or promoting hate. I’m happy to see that aside from the toxic energy flow, there are people cleansing & healing each other. I love you,
🌎. #1in400trillion #love #resilient #cleanse #heal #breathe



Maiden and Mother

I am opening my window. “Fine”, I thought to myself. Mama Wolf, Mama Healer. A Mother with Maiden tendencies, who has partially experienced the reality of The Crone.  

I feel like you all understand (overstand) me in a way that others do not. My blog entries are thoughts circling and intertwining. Processing this all. Life. Aren’t we all? 

Thoughts: You can’t punish someone for something that they didn’t do. You can’t punish someone for something that they had every right to do.

In My Tree,


At This Point, With This View.


I am grateful for what I have and what I’ve learned. Most days I’m happy now. Lately, I’ve been letting Nature take its course. I cannot and should not force anyone to stay in my life. I also should not fear losing anyone, especially if I’m gaining pieces of myself in return. This puzzle of mine, I put together with intense focus. Recently, I’ve noticed that a few people in my life will be exiting at this stage. It is a sacrifice I thought long and hard over. I am prepared and ready to make it.

I am at a place of peace and passion. I know that I have options. I do not have to follow anyone. I don’t need to bend to another person’s will. I have choices. 


Anyone out there who feels as though they’re going through the motions, or maybe you feel that you are always doing what you are told and it depresses you, I want to help you to remove that conditioning. Lift your veil. You are enough. Maybe you’re in a dead end relationship or a dead end job. I’ve been through both countless of times. Maybe you feel controlled and enslaved by religion, maybe you’re looking to join a religion. Either way you have choices. There are options. Sit and think deeply. Write, make several plans to find a way out. But the first step is KNOWING that you can get out. Experience, experiment, and explore. That’s a motto I created for myself to remind myself of life’s capabilities and how I should approach it. And I’m sharing it with you. I love you 🌏🌍🌎.

In My Tree,


Let’s Chat Over Drinks

You know, to spill our guts. Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to talk. Let me tell you all of a very recent night by the river in the south with a lemon martini.

FYI: I’m open to responses. I’d like a conversation to grow at some point.

Do you ever stop midway while doing something and have a moment of epiphany? This is what happened the night at the Mississippi River. There I sat with my sister and her friend. Discussing taboo subjects. And it occurred to me how many people have exit from my life.

I’m not offended. I was, however, worried. Will I be left with no one to talk to? I’m on this journey learning how to connect with people. That’s one of the reasons I’m here typing to everyone who reads this. Ok, so I’ve found myself and I’m coming into my own. My question is: Is this normal?

In My Tree,


I’m still not explaining myself.

I am ready to step out. And I’ve been taking actions. Being vocal. Feeling confident. Communicating and taking control. But I’m still feeling hushed. I thought I was doing it right. Maybe I’m not doing enough. Someone very dear to me made me take a hard look at my situation. Some would think of it as a compliment. I took it as a reality check. Holding me accountable. I’m paraphrasing here. But my very dear love explained that “You have everything you need. You don’t need those type of people around you. You can do this on your own.”

To me, that says,”Ok! Get to it. Go all the way in. Fearlessly. Get it done now. You’re wasting time.” But I’m hell bent on this vision I had. I feel so odd that I don’t mesh well with anything or anyone else really. I’ve been comfortable as the loner. But why is it a problem now? Why am I worried about being alone out there now? I need to do better because I’ll end up sacrificing to a fault. And it could all be gone.

In My Tree,


Some of you met Seraphine

She’s a bit feisty. But it’s out of love and experience. On Seraphine Wolf’s Blog you’ll find dark spirituality, love, sex, hard truths, poetry, and many lessons through her path. But you still must walk your own.

It’s not a place for the faint at heart. It’s not a place for those who choose to stay closed to different spiritual beliefs. It’s not a place to attack anyone. 

Her blog is a place for healing, experimenting, and learning. Those with alternate beliefs are welcomed. 

In My Tree,


Do I?

So today, 

I was living. You know, running errands, working, cooking, eating, and reading. But I stopped breathing…

Should I say it?

Is it worth it?


Will we die sooner than planned?

We still have our youth.






Can I do this…

Yes Owl you can…

I realized I feel a different type of freedom with my love that I hadn’t realized…

Am I prepared to lose it?

My love? I can not see us being… un coupled.

The answer will come.

I’m am excited 

I am happy

I feel this thrill rising up

Like a moth
In My Tree,