Tell Me

I had to do it to myself

I tried to feel your grip

Fingertip to fingertip

I failed by the inch

I heard you between my ears

You counted down from ten

I couldn’t reach the fruit inside

Tell me..

How do you fix my skin

Written by Keota Picou


Wet Wings Drying

Wet wings are drying

Someone should learn this scene

Ready hearts

Steady chatter

Listen as the cicada sings

The wind refuse to blow

While the laughter quietly leaves

Eaten by the eyes of the people

Peeling away a spirit at the seams

Break apart as it breaks the box

Not one of these souls hold to dreams

They instead claw at hope

Resting their woes inside of Keys
By Keota Picou


It hails as

My spirit goes so pale

From the grace in life

She fell

Her pain, her rage, impaled

The One my eyes sought

You wouldn’t believe how real

Unstable delusions

So much left unsaid

No love, no heart, no care

Permanent damage is done

Oh No The One has fell

Hearts break as she crushes them dead

Why enforce such fear

Got to march on

The damage is done

Life is so frail

Our minds

Your molds

Our fears

Left to piece together the crumbs

Lose memories, we won’t.

Because our angel

She has failed

Poem by Keota Picou

The Dancer, The Priestess

What say You to a mermaid in the Sea?

Her love is like Jocelyn’s Backwards Priest

One foot tip toe in front of the other

Let the Dancer meet Her Beast

You know that You can have Me

You know that You can’t have Me

Wise, tread into Her Peace

It is okay

Sleep on Me

Watch Her fly in Your dreams

For every reason She is not

Three reasons She must be

Keota Picou