Loved An Angel

Whose wings were green as

The leaves on a magnolia tree

Looks brilliant

Saturated by the light of the sun

And dark waters of The Earth

He tried to kill Her

Necessary fairytale

Here he goes

Another fairy tale

Another fairy tail

As the coin hits

Making him wish he were the

Honest to goodness truth

Ruthless over nothingness

Nothing lives in his heart

Which is why he drains the energy

Around him he looks to find him

Happiness defines him

Adoration drives him to

Pretend kindness

To bite the signs and

He’s still blind


He’s still a blind mess

But he’s one of the best pretenders

Crushed wax

Broken glass

And if he were brave enough to ask

He would get an answer

If he were man enough to stand

The only heart I’ve known to be

A disaster

Written by Keota D Picou



I felt you in the sea

I held you in the wet sand

As you washed up behind Me

I looked off into an orange sunset

You smiled back at me

And I knew you were My truth

You were My spiritual reciprocity

As of now

You are my lesson

My blessing

My spiritual King

No one else could touch your strength

No human can dethrone your Royalty

You are my maker

My demon

My angel

My eternity

Phoenix (Keota Picou)


So you came to slay a dragon

Oblivious to the obvious


Semantics only travels one road

So you came to get burned

Or to pay the debt you owe

Conquer yourself

Don’t think to conquer me

The real control is in who you are

You’re a stranger to me

Playing with hearts and minds

Could never be good

It isn’t sane

Only the foolish would…

Now go and slay your dragon

You best leave with one good tongue you tow

You might want to catch yourself quick

Before The Tower let’s you go


© Keota D. Picou

Sunrises are romantic and soft

Late October mornings feel like arms around my waist

The early sky whispers in my ears

All the answers to reflections I question

I wondered if this cloud knew

Sunsets are passionate and wild

Like a caress on the neck

Something more than a bite on the lip

The night wind chills my skin

Just like the trails of a lover’s finger nails as they pull me in

I bet the moon feels our secrets

I see the crows like to watch

I know the wolves can hear me sing

And my lover chants to the owls for mercy

I will not choose the universe’s sunrises or sunsets

That perfect seventh hour found me

And I intend to be fair

I remember that need

Waking up to morning dew on the skin

Feels like love

Which is the most righteous sin

By Keota Picou

Photo Source


The Daily Posts Dubious

A ha! If there is one word to describe my actions it would be dubious. Such as believing the sweet nothings of the rolling stone variety. At the moment, I laugh at myself for being so idiotic. But it isn’t funny at all, is it? I feel it’s a bit too early to pour myself some Black Magic Rum. Either way, I have to explore it at this point. Me, dubious as I continued to walk through his door. Him, dubious as he looked in the mirror. But that never stopped a lie. 

I should’ve charged. Thieves lose hands every night. He’s probably laughing hysterically- belly filled with poison devoured from tongues. There I tore the pages and ate them. There is no more soreness. Some shiny apples are rotten at the core. Little girls better grow up and learn. Savagery and low vibes hide high. But boomerangs continue to deliver. Deep within the marrow he knows..

That his mask will either melt or mold. And both are most certainly the heart break he gave generously.

Photography by E.J. Bellocq