Something Little

New flow roll

Like the smoke that I puff away

In circles as I lay chased by

Dreams chisled in my skull

Just to break it away

Lost and found

Blasphemy they say

Letters are fragile

They should be handled that way

Phoenix of the South


Parallel Pacts

Helpless strength

Weight of ten branches

Someone’s trail begins to run


Does it matter

To the rich man’s thought of lack



Awake behind your eyes

I wonder if your candle glass broke

My weakness was your smile

Hands to throat

Parallel cracks

Defining meanings that weren’t meant like that

Phoenix of the South

Kissing Flames

Fire all around me

Flames ripping off my clothes

Heat should melt the skin

But its melting water hoses

I can feel the messages crawl up my


Stronger than a pole of steel

If you wanted my tears

Call them acid cries

Its new

He moves so smooth

I knew

Finger tips were blue



But they dont know who I

Rock with


Shovel peace

As the rain flows through


Creative space

Gripping faces

We’re always insane

Sweat gains

Working out the emotions

‘Cause you couldnt calm the flames


It’s Time

There is more than you’re deciding to

See in this

The closest of course is possible after

We need this

It is imperative

It is weak

Its strength lays where you refuse to

Look at you denying truth in its

Entirety is too much to hold

When the only boldness came from

Speeches are what politicians do

When I thought of a politician

I thought of you

And wouldn’t you know it?

When I thought of our love I thought of beautiful hues

No one is more powerful than truth


My goodness

The dew drops

In the morning

My love in the Eastern light

The energy of genuine actions

The bravery of honest words

Together we lay in an ocean liner

The things are finer

But thats barely an art

Next to you is a vase

Next to me is my heart

Here is our hair

Spread out in definitions of our


Are merely a subconscious reality

Am I sinking?

This feels nice

Like a tickle of a feather

My skin looks to jump out

I search for my sanity

You search for your..