The Life Inside

There’s an ocean in her bite

It’s the necessity of humanity

The only way to prove life

Lightening inside her eyes

Shooting straight through

A look is a book that you can’t hide

Not much surprise in the night

A gentle wind chill

Stings the skin better than knives

Phoenix of the South

Keota D Picou



Flying high to blue lands

Taking naps on warm sand

Sipping mimosas with Midas

Strong hands

Grateful for the blessings to a non Christian

Grateful to the lessons

I can withstand

Happy they confirmed my foresight

Thank you god for the resolution

Fine wines


Signed onto business plans

Chateaubriand Tartare

With some caviar

Just because we can

These yachts are fun

But I appreciate how genuine

I’m thankful for your character

A character who taught this Wild Thang some wild things

An evolution to…

Phoenix of the South

Keota Picou

One More Test

I’ve felt your best

I’ve smelled your worst

Stood my ground

Competed chest to chest

It was nearly won

Instead of running past the tape

You feared and faked the…

You can’t fake the hunt

You can’t fake destiny

We know I’m worth the win on your chess board

We both know I was the the only who kept it real with you

We both knew you didnt want someone who’d keep it real with you

Which is why you’ll forever run

A man sets up his chess board

He plays

He learns

He finishes what he has begun

Thats what men do

You’ll never win if you can’t complete that One

Phoenix of the South


(This is an old one. Im finally ready to share it. Might as well since I’ve moved on.)


I am


The middle of night

The neither here nor there

The balance that you fight

The anti-hero

The frustration that you felt

All those times you recalled

In front of the mirror

That you held

The hard truth

The one you thought

You fell

Failed at the fantasy

Of being perfect

In this too real realm

Of course I am not an angel

But I am not your hell

Not the demon you hoped for

Not the excuse you held

Never perfect

I’ve had hard truths in the deal

Even Midnight trained

In balance

To touch you where to heal

Never throw a stone

When you’re too perfect

To read a page of a novel

You haven’t read..

Show me the pope

Phoenix of the South

Keota Picou

Another Mild Expression of Some Sort..


I don’t know where to start.

Im feeling it all.

Im happy and always inspired.

Yet…I don’t know how to speak it.

Whether words or penned.

I find it difficult to express my happiness. Mainly because I’m busy living it.

But also, I really don’t know how to hold it, handle it, ride in it, feel from it, walk in it, stare in it, sit in it, or bare it naked.

It’s not that I feel that I don’t deserve it. I do. Especially because as an adult, I’ve earned it. Im just used to being quiet. Whether I’m right or wrong. Its a childhood trauma. And its becoming so annoying. I’ve healed, correct? Yes. So why can’t I just dramatically say that I AM HAPPY.

The happiest I’ve ever been.

I really want to tell you all about it.

And I’m so relieved no one is listening

(By the way, would you, the few, mind if I type ‘LOL’?) Grammatical errors and all.

I’m cased between wanting to connect and wanting to live behind my wall.

I suppose I’ll eventually try to make my mark here.

But on the other end I enjoy us as a secret.

(No pun intended)