Choose One..

Truth or Dare

Trust yourself

I dare you

It’s all fun and games

Until she expands her wings

Until she remembers the value she has

And what that means

Until you have to trust yourself just as she did

Like a shot of whiskey

Like a gulp of rum

Just like the sweet feeling of her warmth within

Take it

Own it

The speed you give

Is the speed you get

There’s weight to the ball you drop

When you run


© Keota D. Picou


Skin Communication

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish: Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder…”

And as She counted down

He climbed up Her skin

It takes Two to tango

Two can bring order to this

If She opens up wide

Should She let Him in

Will He break Her into pieces

Maybe this time He will

Scratch Her back

As She bites His neck

Grab her throat

As She claws His chest

Pull down Her hips

As She pulls at His hair

Kiss Her legs

As She stretches in air

Lick Her wounds

While she licks His ear

Taste Her Heart

As They feel Their fears

Push away the pain

As each thrust gains strength

Choices in the dark

Blood on Their lips

Intentions are a dare

There’s rotation there

Will this ladder fall

He is Her Tower

She is His Chaos after all


©Keota D. Picou

Baritone Waters

His sound waves into Her ears

His root can’t deny it

Her mind wanders to defy it

Their vines intertwine the bones

This moment is real

It is as real as day

As real as the Sun makes rays

As real as the Earth and Moon gravitate

As real as the sky brings rain

He is Her Cain

He opens wounds

Removing the disease of the last one


That last one who

She fell as The Fool

Ancestors watching Her burn into new

On Her bed of fire He blew

From the flames came the truth

To the ocean They go

To the motion They move


©Keota D. Picou

photo source


I’m so glad you came

Spoke you out

Nothings the same

Should we be ashamed?

Hail No

Time’s a made up frame

They don’t know

It’s all the same

We watch their lessons play

Shout to Me

Their faces shout to Me

Fingers stretched

No breath left

I shake my sweat

Their eyes scream

My heart

My hell

My love

They’ve kept

For them I pluck the strings


Phoenix and Owl


Someone Told Me Not To Post This.

July 11, 2015.. The day my transition and transformation began. The sleepless nights didn’t kill me. The abandonment didn’t kill me. The abuse didn’t kill me. The rapes didn’t kill me. My attempted murderer didn’t kill me. Depression, anxiety, and (ptsd) didn’t kill me. Fear mongers didn’t kill me. Lack of love and self love did not kill me. 

I decided to stop suppressing myself. I decided to stop making myself unhappy to make others comfortable because they sure wouldn’t do the same. I became my own support, my own cheerleader, my own love interest (Yes, it’s possible without perversion). And once I made those changes, I felt and saw the support and love flood into my life from every corner, The Sky as well as every grain of soil. Finally, I openly followed my intuition which has NEVER BEEN WRONG. I will always stay with my gut instinct and intuition before anyone’s word. I’m sharing this because I know there are more people out here who have been through this (and more). 

And you still haven’t let go. Fear holds us back. It’s a type of slavery you can’t easily see, nor are most prepared to acknowledge. The worst part about this is that there are children who are taught that they do not matter, that they aren’t loved, they aren’t worthy, and they should be silent. Then as they grow older they are left in pieces to clean up the destruction that was bestowed upon them. Every excuse is made in this world to make them slaves, to break their spirit. I went from local churches growing up, to NOMA, and Waymaker ministries to help change things. But I had to start with myself. The summer of 2015 was the evening that I fell high, reborn.

If you didn’t know, you are needed. You are worthy, you are loved. Please love yourself. #AllIsABlessing #LoveYourself


Phoenix (Keota)

black water photo

sunrise photo